What is Anti Valentine Day?

Anti Valentine day is just opposite to Valentine day. It is distinguished after the celebration of love on valentine day when couples are busy sharing and expressing adorable feelings to their beloved ones. 

What Actually Is Anti Valentine Day?

Anti Valentine day and valentine day both are associated with lovers but they are opposite to each other. After celebrating 14 Feb the day of romance do you what happens the very next day as there are unhappy couples too? So, if you want to know you have landed on the right page as we will detail you about anti valentine day in this blog.

Anti valentine week is meant for all those couples who have ended with broken heart relationships.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Who Introduced Anti Valentine Day?

Anti Valentine day has no such history of who introduced it but it is generalized that after Valentine’s day, the relation starts going opposite due to various reasons. This leads to controversies and finally regular fighting gets started in the couples. So, anti valentine day came to the surface.  


What is Anti Valentine Week?

Anti valentine week is celebrated before final anti valentine day same before valentine day. It is a spin-off or parody to Valentine’s week but totally anti to the valentine week and it is notable to a broken heart. Thus, people who believed upon the other side of love and commenced this anti valentine week.

Let’s get to know more about anti valentine day with the following details of the days.

  • Day One – 15th February 2021, Monday, is the Slap Day
  • Day Two – 16th February 2021, Tuesday, is the Kick Day
  • Day Three – 17th February 2021, Wednesday, is the Perfume Day
  • Day Four – 18th February 2021, Thursday, is the Flirt Day
  • Day Five – 19th February 2021, Friday, is the Confession Day
  • Day Six – 20th February 2021, Saturday, is the Missing Day
  • Day Seven – 21st February 2021, Sunday, is the Breakup Day

So, unfortunately if you want to break up and move forward in your relationship with less confusion and heart breaking moments then just celebrate anti valentine week and never stop enjoying life.

Special Sort of Anti Valentine Week

First Day as Slap Day

The first day of the anti Valentine week is celebrated on the 15th of February. It comes right after Valentine’s Day and meant for broken up couples. On this day they can slap each other especially, girls who want to reject a proposal of any guy she does not like at all.

Second Day as Kick Day

The kick day actually means to kick away all the sorrows and sadness of the past and utterly failed relationship not each other. From this anti valentine day couples can move forward in their life after forgetting their painful memories. 

Third Day as Perfume Day

On this day if any individual is single or had break up with your crush can gift perfume to their ex. Gifting perfume is a symbol of adoration. Apart from this gifting anti valentine candy hearts is also in trend that are sent to the ex couples by their ex couple. 

Fourth Day as Flirt Day

This day is for those girls and boys who do not want to have a serious relationship. Therefore, they are free to flirt with their favourites on this anti valentine day. 

Fifth Day as Confession Day

This day is dedicated to all those couples who are in a relationship but were not loyal to their partner while cheating them. Thus, they can go ahead by confessing on this day of anti valentine week. 

Sixth Day as Missing Day  

With this anti valentine day broken up couples can miss their past love. They can send messages, text and missing images or even send anti-valentine candy hearts to their ex as a sign of remembrance.

Seventh Day as Breakup Day

 The last day of the anti valentine week is for all those couples who are fed up with their current relationship and want to be free. So, they can break up on this day while making a new start after this day. 

Thus, be positive while celebrating anti valentine day.