5 Best Secure Messaging Apps in 2021

The rapid development of technology has made human folk exchange their views and messages with their dear ones. But unfortunately, we also have to face internet surveillance and data logging. Thus, in such conditions it is better to know and have best secure messaging apps to save us from being intercepted by a third-party.                                                    

Here, in this blog we will inform you about 5 best secure messaging apps in 2021 with their key features – 

Signal Private Messenger

 Endorsement from Edward Snowden, this messenger has its widespread users in the entire world due to its key features. The secure messaging app has other features like encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer and archive functionality that do not require any PIN codes or other login credentials.

Key Features as Best Secure Messaging App

  • Advanced end-to-end encryption while securing all messages shared.
  • This most secure chat app has open source protocol, easy and entirely. 
  • As a safest chat app, it helps to self-destruct in a given time frame. 
  • Other add on features are Encrypted Stickers and View Once Media.

Download it for Android and ios

Telegram Messenger

As one of the best secure messaging app, the Telegram messenger connects mass around the globe through a unique network of data centres. It has a very minimalistic interface that makes the app quite handy to use. 

Key Features as Best Secure Message App

  • Best security with restricted any third-party access to your data.
  • Facilitates Open API and Protocol.
  • As the safest chat app, private messages can be self destructed.
  • Messengers can self-destruct with a specified timer.
  • As the most secure messaging app it easily syncs messages across various devices at once.
  • No limit on size of media and chats.

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WhatsApp Messenger

Being popular, absolutely free of cost and most secure messaging apps for Android and iOS. WhatsApp messenger is widely used around the globe. It has end-to-end encrypted chat while ensuring secure exchange of messages so that nobody else, not even WhatsApp can read. This one of the most secure chat apps has a simple and user-friendly interface while being free to download and is ad-free.

Key Features as Best Secure Message App

  • Aids to share messages send voice messages, photos and videos with up to 256 people at once. 
  • With the most secure video calling app ability it has a built-in camera.
  • Free video calling using the same internet connection used in phones instead of cell plan’s voice minutes to avoid calling charges.
  • Share documents, group chats, location sharing, and much more.
  • Avail to send and receive messages from PC thus, being the best secure messaging app.

Download it for Android and ios

Threema Messenger

Threema is one among trusted open-source and most secure messaging apps for Android, iOS, and Windows phones. It packs all the necessary features to keep your data out of government, corporation, and hacker’s reach. Moreover, it allows end-to-end encryption for voice calls, group chats, files, and even status messages. It uses the trusted open-source Networking and Cryptography library (NaCl) to protect your communication. 

Key Features as Best Secure Message App

  • Create Polls 
  • Verify contact through QR codes
  • The app is a paid one, which costs US$ 2.99.
  • The app provides you with a unique Threema ID to recall as one of the best secure messaging apps.
  • As the safest chat app message gets deleted from the servers.
  • Threema Web allows using the app from desktop as well.

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Wickr Me Messenger 

Wickr Me is another impressive encrypted and one of the safest chat app for Android as well as iOS. It encrypts every message using advanced vetted end-to-end encryption with the “Shredder” feature. It means that the app can irreversibly delete all your chats, shared media contents from your device. Apart, it has the ability to even set “Expiration Timer” to your messages to make it more secure. Further, Wickr Me app requires no phone number or email address while registering, and it does not store any metadata associated with your communication.

Key Features as Best Secure Message App

  • Self destruction message.
  • Has Open Source.
  • Can transfer files, videos and photos as the most secure messaging app.
  • Aids searching across all files and messages.
  • Ability to create teams and network to offer transparency to your company.
  • Serve secure screen, location sharing and online status.
  • Has integration with internal databases, email systems, CRM, and other essential apps.
  • API allows custom integration with in house apps to cater itself as one of the best secure messaging apps.

Download it for Android and ios

Concluding, if you like the above mentioned information about the best encrypted messaging apps for Android then choose one of the best secure message apps from the above list. Also, you can comment, share your views in our comment division too and read more interesting blogs.