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Coronavirus Live Updates

  • “Coronavirus” – Covid-19 Vaccine get green signal from DCGI
  • Niti Aayog member V K Paul says “India has enough stockpile of Covid-19 vaccine for inoculation of priority groups in the first phase.

Detail of Covishield 

Yes, DCGI grants permission to Serum Institute of India to manufacture its most awaited vaccine named “Covishield”. This is regarded one more step closer to Aatam Nirbhar Bharat as the vaccine is made in India by our own team of scientists and researchers. 

Current Coronavirus Condition in India

The nation reports following status on the Coronavirus

  • New Covid-19 Cases – 16,505
  • Recoveries – 19,557 
  • Death – 214 deaths in last 24 hours

All the above records are as per Union Health Ministry. The number of active cases stood at 2,43,953 and the number of recoveries at 99,46,867. While the total number of cases stand at 1,03,40,470. 

Coming of Coronavirus in India

It was 30 January 2020 when India spotted the first confirmed corona virus case of the infection in the state of Kerala. The affected patient had a travel history from Wuhan, China and was found infected when he was tested in the airport. This knocked the country with its very initial stage of infection in its soil.

In mid of March cases started exceeding and it was calculated that the Covid 19 virus can affect a large number of masses. So, after Janta curfew called by P.M Modi himself on 22 March 2020, the country got ready to undergo a long time of lockdown from 24 March 2020 to the end of month of May.

Effects of CoronaVirus in India

  • In the Starting Phase – Likewise the whole world, India too faced very dangerous conditions due to the coronavirus. Both the health and wealth of the nation got badly affected because of the virus and lockdown that was done by the government to prevent worsening the situations.
  • Second Major Corona Effect – Lockdown in the country scaled down the growth of its economy and was witnessed to be stabbed to great extent. Apart from this backbone of the economy our labour class, street hawker, daily wages worker including other broad sectors too. Thus, there was a very slow economy rate with job loss and health hazards too due to coronavirus.
  • Third Better Rising from Virus – The virus affected a good number of populace but the country proved that it is blessed with a good immunity level against coronavirus. WHO confirmed that only one percent of deaths rate while 90 percent of recovery rate is better than the situation of India. We now have stepped ahead with two vaccines launched in the country to fight against coronavirus completely.

The deadly phase of covid 19 taught us to find good opportunities in challenging times too. This will allow humankind to meet with a remarkable evolution in both economy and morale of any nation.

Worldwide Effect of Covid 19

  • CoronaVirus, the unwanted guest from China did not take too much time to travel to the whole of the world. It reached to every nook and corner of the planet while infecting a large mass of the populace. The pandemic was named as a reason for the heavy health havoc in the world. 
  • Covid 19 virus largely got spread in almost all the continents of the while affecting number of countries. USA, Russia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia, and even Mid-East Arabian countries were reported to worsen condition as a number of masses got affected by coronavirus. Lockdown was only subjected to be nearest solutions to have control over the virus to some extent.
  • WHO announced coronavirus as the biggest pandemic in the history of mankind the world. But after a long time struggle our scientist community of every nation tried and got success in inventing covid vaccine. Still it is advice to follow social distancing, using and washing hands regular as per guidance of the WHO.