10 Home Remedies for Pimples Overnight

Home remedies for pimples overnight though are a very common topic that is often discussed but unfortunately last with no effective solutions. But in this blog you will get top ten home remedies that can be easily followed by anyone to get healthy and glowing skin indeed.

Acne or commonly known as pimple is one of the most common skin conditions in the world. It especially affects an estimated 85% of teenagers that are growing into young adults. 

What Exactly Causes Pimples?

Skin has sensitive pores and each pore is connected to a sebaceous gland, which is known to produce an oily substance called sebum. It sometimes gets blocked with oil, dirt and dead skin cells. When this occurs, your skin is said to cause pimples. Moreover, the extra sebum can plug pores thus, causing the growth of bacteria known as Propionibacterium Acnes. 

If your skin is repeatedly affected by this condition, you may have acne. Apart some other major factors may contribute to the development of pimples or acne, including:

  • Genetics
  • Wrong Food Habit
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Infections

If you discourage using clinical treatment then this blog explores top ten home remedies for pimples overnight.

Lemon Juice

This home remedy for pimples has many brownie points to treat pimples due to its astringent and exfoliating attributes.

How to use it? 

  • You have to just squeeze a lemon into a bowl and add a few drops of rose water to it. 
  • Apply this mixture with a cotton ball on the affected area such as the neck or the face.

Thus, home remedies for pimples will prevent forming pimples and leave it to glow.

Aloe Vera

In India, this is a boon as home remedies for pimples overnight. This cool gel does wonders to your skin.

How to Use it?

  • Just cut an aloe shoot into half, scrape the gel out with a spoon, and apply on the acne. 
  • Make this a regular ritual and say goodbye to bacterial infections and acne-causing inflammation. 

You can also apply remade Aloe Vera gel if you don’t have fresh ones and get soothing, loveable, baby-like skin.


The third best home remedy for acne overnight is very handy in treating acne and removing the scars formed by them. 

How to Use it?

  • All you need to do is apply little toothpaste on the problem areas. 
  • Keep doing this for a week.

This very easy home remedies for pimples that helps the size of the pimples reduce in a few days’ time only.


This home remedies for pimples overnight is not only a powerhouse of multiple nutrients but is also a good natural contender in the treatment of acne and pimples. 

How to Use it?

  • Use healthy types of honey available at your pantry and apply directly on the acne.
  • Let it get dry in an hour and wash off.         

Thus, the stickiness of honey deeply helps in removing excess dirt from the pores of the skin.


Mint as one of the most effective home remedies for pimples helps to de-clog the pores. It helps to keep a check on bacterial infections. 

How to Use it?

  • To help maintain an acne clear face, mix about two tablespoons of finely chopped fresh mint and two tablespoons of yogurt and oatmeal. 
  • Whisk to a smooth paste and apply on your face. 
  • Leave it to dry for ten minutes and then rinse off with cool water.

You will feel the soft, supple and pimple free skin.


Known to speed up the healing process, this is one of the best home remedies for pimples. 

How to Use it?

  • Use Echinacea tea as your regular face wash. 
  • You can also apply a few drops of the tea on the affected areas with a soft cloth or cotton.

Hence, this will help in controlling acne, pimples, and other skin infections.

Honey and Cinnamon Mask

This home remedies for pimples has the ability to fight against bacteria and reduce inflammation.

How to Use It? 

  • Mix 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon to form a paste.
  • After cleansing, apply the mask to your face and leave it on for 10–15 minutes.
  • Rinse the mask off completely and pat your face dry.

So, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of honey and cinnamon help to reduce pimples.

Green Tea 

Home remedies for pimples include green tea that is very high in antioxidants, and drinking it can promote good health. 

How to Use it?

  • Boil green tea for 3–4 minutes and allow the tea to cool.
  • Use a cotton ball and apply the tea to your skin.
  • Let it dry, then rinse it off with water and pat your skin dry.

This is likely because the polyphenols in green tea help fight bacteria and reduce inflammation.

Healthy Diet and Exercise 

Cut down fancy food habits and switching to a healthy diet while exercising regularly is one of the best home remedies for pimples overnight.

How to Use it?

  • Eat green leafy vegetables and fruits. 
  • Make a note to do exercise for at least 30 min in a day.

This will build a strong immune system in the body and fight against bacteria causing pimples.

 Reduce Stress

When the body is stressed the hormones released during that time may increase sebum production with inflammation. So, try to reduce stress from your daily routine for better home remedies for pimples.

How to do it?

  • Start your day with Yoga and meditation.
  • Don’t overburden yourself with unwanted tasks every time.
  • Listen to music when you feel stressed.

Take time and rest yourself from your busy schedule this will energise and revitalize you.

Chemical treatment can cause serious side effects to the skin hence, this has prompted most of us to look into home remedies for pimples overnight and cure it naturally at home. So, try them and be safe.