Importance of Yoga in Corona Time

Covid19 has made the world undergo many deep changes in their lifestyle. The pandemic that is believed to get spread from China has made every nation to deeply test their immunity level graph. No matter if it is world power America, Russia, European nations, Asia, Australia or even most secluded country of South Korea, no country is left without its very worst effects that have shaken humanity so far.

Yoga in Corona Time

  • Around million of people until now are witnessed to get infected from the deadly coronavirus, a mass population of the planet is starting to lose their lives. America and other European nations have witnessed the most drastic time of 2019 and 2020 by losing most of the senior citizens and middle aged people. 
  • Apart India where corona was subjected to a havoc situation then ever did the country experience from its origin. Luckily, this was escaped to happen with a strong recovery rate and only one percent death rates. But we Indians were ready to fight against the diseases of COVID 19 with our ancient therapies like herbal drinks and our all time health partner – Yoga. 

History of Yoga in India

  • Yes, Yoga. It is regarded to be a very effective blessing for human physical and mental health since ages. Being discovered by our primeval holy saints, sages and learned people after a deep research and studies. It is frequently said that if yoga is followed on a regular basis then it will add boon to human life. This is well witnessed by the entire world in this corona time.
  • Actually, yoga is the combination of various body postures commonly called as “Asaana” in Sanskrit. These body posture if practiced seriously is seen to serve with spiritually, metal and physical healing to the body even in the time of coronavirus. Also, followed by different healthy eating habits and herbal drinks, yoga helped a number of people build immunity level in the body. 

Sound Effects of Yoga in Corona Times

  • Coronavirus made the world to get lockdown at their home and follow social distancing to save one selves. This sudden change in the regular routine of the humankind has made most of us in a stage of high tension and stress. Hence, in such situations, when there was no physical activities but lots of tension in mind, yoga emerged to be our best and all round health collaborator.
  • According to the WHO report of WHO, in India there was a best recovery rate with only one percentage of death rate which is no less than a miracle in this corona time. Apart from many reasons following yoga, especially, in corona time is detailed to be one of the appreciated reasons that helped us to keep safe from disease to a great extent. 

The entire world has now more closely realized the importance of practicing yoga in daily routine. This has made them to feel sound and calm mind, stay fit and healthy while having strong immunity of the body. Therefore, yoga in corona time is being strictly followed by not only Indian populace but it got more everlasting popularity among foreign peoples too. Click Digitallyblog for more enriched updates on Yoga as our health associate.