Right Balanced Diet Plan in 2021

Since our early childhood we were always told to follow a balanced diet plan to enrich your body with all the necessary nutrients and minerals. Having a balanced diet means to enrich the body with adequate amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, proteins, along with other nutrients.

Usually, most of us follow a three time eating habit in a day as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is important to classify our balanced diet plan in these three meals and fulfil the nutritional requirement of the body to nourish it healthier. Therefore, you must learn about a balanced diet program and focus to follow. 

So, here are a few food items that when included in your balance diet program will provide a whole day energy and sound health system for your body.

Breakfast as Healthy Diet

  • Research has proved that you need to start your day with a hearty breakfast if you want to stay healthy. You can have whole wheat, some oats along with milk to start your balanced diet plan for breakfast. 
  • Apart, having milk in the morning will sound to be part of a healthy diet. Adding milk with some seasonal healthy fruits and honey or having it with some berries like strawberries or raspberries are some excellent ways to start your day. 
  • Alternatively, you may have a protein shake made of whey protein with boiled eggs. Even egg comelette with toast will add balanced nutrition to the body.

Lunch as Balanced Meal

  • Next important and essential meal time is lunch and you should not miss out. Have a balanced meal platter for lunch which must include green veggies, chapattis, rice, pulses with yogurt and salad.
  • If you do not have time to cook, then too you can have a good meal by having some vegetable sandwiches made from whole bread along with milk or even fresh fruit juice.
  • Alternatively, you can also munch over a chicken sandwich with some vegetable or fruit salads. This will keep your tummy full and body being energetic too.

Dinner as Part of Balanced Diet Plan  

  • Dinner is the meal to have for the day end so, it needs to be a bit lighter. It is good to have vegetables like beans, broccoli along with mushrooms. Thus, include the vegetables of your choice and keep your tummy filled.
  • You can have light and tasty food like Upma, idly, vegetable Poha, healthy Khichdi made of seasonal vegetables and some brown rice.
  • Moreover, as an alternative, you can have some chicken along with bacon in the form of a salad for a balanced diet plan. Also, you can have a liquid diet with some protein shakes or smoothies. 

If you want to stay fit and healthy, consuming a sufficient amount of calories with a balanced diet is important. On the other hand, it is also essential to do regular exercises and physical workout to get rid of the excess fat. Never escape to go for good physical activities to avoid problems like obesity, high cholesterol, diabetics and such other types of health hazards.

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