Marari Village Beach Resort – Grab a Bite of the Traditional Life of Kerala

The Marari village beach resort is known to rest in Marari, which is a small fisherman’s village in Kerala – God’s own country. The beautiful and exotic beach caters a chance to the voyagers to explore Kerala’s backwaters. Thus, being a famous peaceful beach, which is not that far from Alleppey in Kerala it is widely visited by all the national and international tourists.

Marari village beach resort alone is crafted with lots of tourist attractions and has several reasons for getting explored by the tourists. Here are some very special highlights of the resort that will surely end you up with full satisfaction to witness the natures exquisite at its peak.

Special Sorts of Marari Village Beach Resort

  • Marari village beach resort is derived from the nearly hundred-year-old fishing village Mararikulam. The Marari beach is bustling with activity of the local fishermen for most parts of the year. The beach has a tropical climate and can easily qualify as one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. 
  • Tourists are rest assured of peace and tranquility as Marari village beach resort is being blessed with groves of fresh green palm and clean sand. Further, visitors can look headlong to the true experience of the fishing village which is well complemented by a very serene and peaceful atmosphere.
  • The underdeveloped Marari village beach resort enables voyagers to grab a bite of the traditional life of Kerala. Beach has warm and humid weather almost all through the year. So, the period between October and May is most conducive for a joyful stay. 
  • The view of pristine Marari village beach resort is breathtaking and the sound of splashing waves makes it a great enthralling spot. A regular sight at the beach is of the local fisher folks setting out in the sea to get their daily catch of fish. Also, the beach is witnessed with a number of coir making workshops that blend well with the rows of palm trees lining the beach.
  • Marari village beach resort, a peaceful place has a very leisurely pace to the atmosphere around. Apart from the main beach area, the terrain around the sandy deserted beach is spruced up by the famous Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary and the Kerala backwater canals. 
  • The Chandragiri Fort, a famous and nearest attraction of Marari village beach resort is believed to be the ancient capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Thus, the beach stretches almost endlessly and is virtually uncrowded for most parts of the year. 
  • If a visitor desires to relax and enjoy Ayurvedic massage, Marari village beach resort caters it at its best. Apart visitors can also enjoy activities like snorkeling, wind-surfing, parasailing and surfing besides a regular swim in the clear waters of the beach. 
  • Apart, visitors who love venturing in the natural environs, Marari village beach resort serves you with a jolly walk down to the sandy shores of the beach. And yes! Don’t leave this exotic beach resort without eating your heart out seafood that is available here.

Best Resorts in Marari Beach

The Marari Village Beach Resort is stretched across a belt of 25 acres enclosed by coconut palm groves. It is idyllically positioned close to the Marari Beach, is a trademark hotel influenced by the conventional fishing village. The resort has thatched roomy villas with all the up to date facilities.

Some of the best resorts in Marari beach are listed below with all the initial details. So! Have a look at it.

Xandari Pearl

This is one of the best Marari Village Beach Resort with 18-acre coastal estate. It offers almost 27 villas designed for privacy and relaxation, with 12 plunge pools. Each villa is contained within large private garden yards, and offer outdoor showers, hammocks, chaise longue and private dining. 

This best resort in Marari beach welcomes guests with a wide range of hospitality that is at once professional and laidback. Thus, offering all the travelers with an authentic taste of the Malabar Coast culture.

La Plage Marari

La Plage is one of the best resorts in Marari beach and is located in the coastal village of Mararikulam in Alleppey district of Kerala, India. These stylish villas on the beach provide a hideaway for those looking for a quiet vacation with an unparalleled view of the Arabian Sea and its pristine beaches. 

The La Plage, one of the finest Marari Village Beach Resort is the perfect place for those who want to indulge themselves in a personalized local experience. We minimize our footprint on the land in order to maximize the experience of the natural beauty of this beach setting – no crowds, ever.

Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort

One of the very famous Marari Village Beach Resort, the Carnoustie Ayurveda and Wellness Resort is located at the Marari beach close to the Alappuzha backwaters. It largely comprises 40 Luxury Villas, a traditional Ayurveda Spa, Two Backwater Suite in Muhamma, One Two Bedroom House Boat and a Sailing Club. Thus, the villas are designed to reduce energy and water consumption as well as minimize the use of exhaustible materials. 

Being one of the most appreciated and best resorts in Marari beach is widely known as an eco-friendly resort. It ensures usage of materials such as jute, bamboo, recycled cardboard instead of wood, reprocessed plastic and scrap wood. Travelers can enjoy backwater tours to gaze at the gorgeous paddy fields of Alappuzha.

Marari Village Beach Resort aids the visitors with early-morning yoga sessions, unwind at the beach, relax at the spa, enjoy performances by local traditional dancers and Kerala’s range of percussion music. Also they can try their hand to other exciting activities like night fishing, cycle around villages or sail the backwaters and learn a bit of archery.

Flamingo Boutique Hotel

Flamingo Marari, the best resort in Marari beach is nestled in its own secluded place surrounded by the nature of the environment. The hotel is a home of wellness and positive energy, amusing to explore Ubud and its rich cultural heritage. Tourists thus, visit this traditional home and experience the true Kerala life. 

Being in hand-picked Marari Village Beach Resort, visitors can row their own wooden canoe towards the local beach. They can explore the ancient temples and the friendly local village. It is one of the beautiful and pure heritage villas modified into a boutique hotel with a beach being just 500 mtrs away. So, voyagers can reach the beach either by rowing, or choose to walk and also, they can go for hiring bicycles from the hotel according to their applied conditions.

Marari Nest Beach Homestay

Just a step from the attractive beach, famous best resort in Marari beach, the Marari Nest Beach Homestay is a trusted place to stay. It lies in the middle of the greenery, the owner Jeejo and his family will propose you with three independent, new and clean rooms with big comfort and A/C. Each possesses the adjacent bathroom, as well as a small terrace giving onto the pleasant garden to cater you with coziest stay over here. 

This another famous Marari Village Beach Resort is widely appreciated by the visitors for its diversity of the local cooking, concocted by Mini and Barbara, around a table raised under palm trees in the light of a candle. Therefore, travelers quickly get seduced by all the smalls’ priceless attention, and time here goes by at the rate of waves and at the rate of the village’s fishermen.

Marari Beach Harmony

One of the most trusted and complemented resorts in Marari beach, The Marari Beach Harmony is widely visited by numerous tourists who come to explore the true essence of the coastal state of Kerala. The resort is built around a green atmosphere in a calm and quiet eco friendly area that rightly adds one to enjoy your days on the beach.

As a guest to this Marari Village Beach Resort, voyagers can profoundly experience relaxation in harmony with Mother Nature! Here you will largely have catered with all the necessary amenities such as AC / Non AC clean rooms including best homely food and beverages. Besides, tourists are also facilitated with internet, travel facility to country tour and all Kerala travel assistance without travel agency.

Marari Umapathi Beach Villa

This is a best resort in Marari beach is the place of homestay category to different types of tourists. While travelers choose to stay in this resort they are facilitated with all the amenities to provide a comfy home stay in a wide range. Thus, large number of visitors are found getting registered to this beautiful resort.

Apart, this resort in Marari beach is appreciated for its all-round and trusted travel facility. The travelers have lost their center of attraction to these places as they can wander the beach nearby and enjoy natural homely food, live in the family. And, last but not the least voyagers can visit lots of places in the village to explore the village life of Kerela.

The Attractions Near Marari Village Beach Resort are:

Marari village beach resort is a peaceful place in Kerala where the visitors can relax, rejuvenate and refresh themselves. Further, tourists looking for serenity on the deserted sandy beaches can deeply enjoy visiting here. For adding more pleasure to your visit on the beach the travelers can plan a short trip all around the area. It includes traditional coir-making units, Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary, Kerala backwater canals, and many more.

  • St. Francis Church

Marari village beach resort is more beautiful with sight to St. Francis Church. This is the oldest European Church in India which was built out of wood in 1530. The wood based architecture of this Church enthralls the tourist’s folk during their visit to this historical monument.

  • Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim Center 

Marari Village Beach Resort is spotted with Kokkamangalam Apostle St. Thomas Pilgrim Center. It is built by the Christian community and is one of the famous pilgrim centers created by St. Thomas in Kerala.

  • The Dutch palace

Best Marari beach resort is widely added with the attraction of the Dutch Palace. This is a beautiful palace situated at Mattancherry and was built by the Portuguese in 1555. It was gifted to the ruler of Cochin Vira Kerala Varma and is famous for the beautiful decorations, wooden ceilings and preserved artefacts of yesteryears. The mural paintings done on the wall of the palace is the most striking attraction as they depict the scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

  • Mararikulam Shiva Temple 

Marari Village Beach Resort is located near the famous Mararikulam Shiva temple. It’s a temple of Lord Shiva and Parvathy, which is quite incomparable in its architecture grandeur and widely visited by the tourists.

  • Thumpolly Beach

Best Marari beach resort is surrounded with Thumpoly beach which is a beautiful beach. It is a natural habitat for birds and another attraction around the Marari is St. Thomas Church, which is dedicated to holy Virgin Mary.

  • Thiruvizha

Located 5 km towards the south-west of Cherthala, Thiruvizha near Marari Village Beach Resort is very famous for the Shiva temple. It captivates a large number of tourists from all across the world.

  • Aroor

Next attraction of Marari Village Beach Resort is Aroor, an industrial park especially, highlighted for exporting seafood. Some of the very popular landmarks are Kartyayani Devi Temple, St. Augustine’s Church, and Pavumpayil Sreekrishna Swamy Temple.

  • Alappuzha

Alappuzha, another attraction of Marari Village Beach Resort located nearby Kerala is exceptional to visit. It is because the Ambalappuzha temple is the temple where Non-Hindus are allowed to enter the temple premises. The festival organized in the temple is quite striking.

  • Poochakkal

The major attractions of Marari Village Beach Resort Poochakkal are a series of temples. It includes Sreekandeswaram Mahadeven Temple, Nagari Sree Dharmasastha Temple, Thevarvattom Masjid, Elikkattu Sree Dharmasastha Temple, and Malappuram St. Theresa church.

  • Arthunkal

Near Marari village Beach Resort, Arthunkal is a major pilgrim center. It is situated at the distance of around 8 km towards the south-west of Cherthala town from where one can view a beautiful beach.

  • Chinese Fishing Net

This fishing net is a popular tourist attraction of Marari Village Beach Resort because of its photogenic look. It was introduced by the Chinese explorer Zheng He in the year 1350.

Marari Village Beach Resort Activities

The endless stretch of golden sand of Marari Village Beach Resort is perfect for beach strolling and spending leisure. The soft and silvery sand encircling vast expanse of the blue sea showcases nature’s beauty in its pristine form. Visitors coming to this beach to spend quality time with family or friends or ever enjoying we time on honeymoon space is widely welcomed with natures never-ending beauty that is scattered in every and corner of the beach.

Along with enjoying splendor beauty of Marari Village Beach Resort, voyagers can enjoy several adventurer activities. The beach is also, famous for its several water sports activities which heightens the charm of this place. Swimming is the most common and popular water sports activities of this place. 

Some of escapade activities that enthralls the adventurer freaks here are listed below for your concern!

  • Cycling 
  • Kyanks
  • Para Sailing
  • Windsurfing
  • Water Scooting
  • Water Skiing 
  • Jet Skiing
  • Speedboat Rides
  • Snorkeling  
  • Deep Sea Fishing
  • Scuba Diving

Also, Marari Village Beach Resort offers the chance to enjoy other never to miss activities such as enthralling with Backwater, experiencing a stay on Tree hut, sailing on the beautiful Houseboat, relishing being on the Country Boat. If the travelers plan to visit here in the month of August, you may also try and enjoy Snake Boat Races.

Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort

Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resorts is one of the very famous collection of resorts, hotels and lodges with several add on. It is an amazing stretch of clean sandy beach with lush green palms and hammocks. The meandering stone pathways leading to your private villa set in lush green grass clear blue skies with warm and discreet service and amazing cuisine off course! And what nit the resort stands to cater you.

The Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort is located away from the noise and crowds of cities and yet conveniently close. Voyagers here gets limited but very fresh menus. Apart from this, staying here will let visitors to have very different experience while eating only organic vegetables. More unique experience like a meal with an elephant, teaching in a school, treks in the hills, yoga and meditation and so much more.

There are various staying options in this Marari Village Beach Resort that will serve you with comfy stay. Most popularly cottage and rooms are preferred by the visitors to amuse and make their memorable stay in the beach. Let’s get to know more about the cottages and room available here.

Best Stay in Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort

Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort has amazing and relishing cottages and rooms. Each of our cottages and rooms in Alleppey are set in beautiful and true natural surroundings, with names that are derived from the bounty of the sea. They are built-in local style with red tiled roofs and wooden pillars but they tent to offer all the convenient facilities that will make your holidays to prove best time of your life.

So, go ahead and click at the preference for staying Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort and collect some amazing Tree of Life experience.

Attraction of Tree of Life Marari Sands Beach Resort

  • Treks in the Hills
  • Teach a While
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Wellness 
  • Catch the Day 
  • Fisherman Village

Thus, dramatic composition of natural vistas scattered in Marari Village Beach Resort calls on large number of tourists from several parts of the globe.