Pure Honey – One of the Most Adulterate Food Items

Yes it is. Since ages, pure honey is regarded to be the most trusted blessing of nature but we humans are responsible to spoil its effective pure nature for our more profits and money making values while selling it in markets. This is now a very clear subject that in the name of pure natural honey we consume one of the most adulterated food items we consume after buying it in branded bottles.

In this recent past week, large numbers of tests and raids are done to all the trusted brands selling honey in India. It has been found that these companies did cheated consumers by catering highly adulterated honey. According to a famous newspaper, Time of India and national news channels like Zee news almost all the big brands in the markets were busy selling impure honey by labeling it be one of the healthiest and pure honey

Famous Brand Selling in Pure Honey

Whether it is very famous brands like Dabur, Zandu, natural pure honey of Patanjali or even different small brands all are tested to be contaminated with harmful mixes.

This blog is not to defame them but we have proof to this after various tests done by government and FCCI did resulted surprisingly to be highly adulterated and does not meet to level of purity parameters.

Popular Adulteration in Pure Honey

  • Moreover, the natural honey is said to be adulterated with low-cost sugars, corn syrups, rice syrups and other commercial syrups are some very common substances widely used for honey adulteration.
  • Other described well-known honey adulterants from sugar cane and sugar beet are corn syrup (CS), HFCS, glucose syrup (GS), sucrose syrup (SS), inverted syrup (IS), and high fructose inulin syrup (HFIS).
  • Apart from this, with the reference of Zee news it is said that some exported syrup is mixed to the pure honey. This syrup is exported from China and mixed to original form of honey to increase its quantity.
  • The syrup is just alike honey and gets well mixed to it by making FCCI parameters fails to identify it. Thus, because no tests could classify the adulterate so, it is easily bottled and certainly consumed by poor customers like us.

Action of FSSI To Safe Pure Honey

At this time, government has become active and is trying to find more brands who can be found to sell adulterated honey. With the help of FCCI and other expertise team, government have started to raid and find impure honey. More required tests and laboratory checks are proposed to nail down such honey sellers present in the market. 

Though it is always advised to better buy honey that is farm fresh but not all of us are lucky enough to have such pure raw honey. Hence, it is our duty to find the best honey brands and for this you must be very tactful to classify the best one for your family and do not compromise with the monetary value of it.

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