Different Types of Honey with its Multiple Benefits

Honey is often called the nectar of the gods. The multiple types of honey have been used all over the world since ancient times. It’s not only a natural sweetener but is full of unmatched benefits. The best way to have honey in its natural, raw form as pasteurized honey loses its nutrients.

India is one of the world’s largest exporters of honey. The states of West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarkhand, Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu are known to produce large amounts of honey every year. So, different type of honey are easily available in the county at an affordable price. 

The Perk of Types of honey 

Types of honey when in its raw form have many of the beneficial nutrients honey that is very effective for nourishment of your health. Here are some of the immediate benefits that you can draw from consuming different types of raw honey –

  • The different types of honey are full of antioxidant compounds known as polyphenols. It helps to fight the signs of ageing and keep chronic diseases at bay.
  • Hydrogen peroxide is an antiseptic that’s naturally present in raw honey you buy from honey suppliers. This can fight bacterial and fungal infections. 
  • The best types of honey are also full of phytonutrients which have immense immune-boosting qualities. Regular consumption of honey can even flush out carcinogenic elements in your body.
  • A potent probiotic element present in different types of honey can improve digestion and relieve symptoms of indigestion.
  •  Types of honey work as a great cough suppressant and a remedy for sore throat too.

Types of Honey in Detail 

There are multiple types of honey harvested in India only. These varieties mostly depend on the source of the flora the honeybees have been feeding on. The most important thing to consider before buying honey from any honey suppliers of any type is to have honey in its raw and natural. It will avail you with various natural nutrients.

The following is the list of type of honey found in India:

Mustard Honey

This wide type of honey variety is exacted from mustard flowers and has immense medicinal value. 

Ajwain Honey

This is one of the famous varieties among the list of types of honey because of its unique and delicate flour. Also, it has several health benefits too.

Jamun Honey 

It is a special type of honey extracted from Jamun’s flower that is rich in minerals and vitamins. This honey is best for diabetic patients.

Eucalyptus honey 

Eucalyptus honey is a great medicinal type of honey variety. It is traditionally used by people across the globe for protection against cold and headaches.

Lychee Honey

Being one of the best types of honey with rich flavour and acidic in nature this honey help to inhibit the growth of good bacteria. It is boon to heal the wounds.

Multifloral Himalayan honey

Among different types of honey is made by blending the nectar of the wildflowers found in hilly areas and therefore has high medicinal values.

Sunflower honey

Among several types of honey this variety is known for its beautiful golden yellow colour and has multiple benefits with very delightful flavour too.

Rapeseed honey

Among different types of honey this white to light amber coloured honey has a low acidic content and is made of rapeseed flowers. Add it to your tea to sweeten it for the best taste and benefits.

Karanja honey

Made from the nectar of Karanja blossoms, this is one of the best types of honey variety. Light amber in colour, it also has a very distinct floral aroma and taste has immense medicinal benefits.

Acacia honey

Light, clear and yet heavy-bodied, Acacia is one of the most popular types of honey. Its low sucrose content is good for diabetics mass, rich source of anti-inflammatory properties makes it best suited to treat respiratory disorders.

Neem Honey

A different type of honey, the neem honey is collected from neem flowers and has great value for your health. This honey is a balanced diet.

So, choose one of the best types of honey for your nutritional requirement while adding natural sweetener in your diet