Valentine Day – Collection of 7 Day Merriment

Valentine Day is most awaited yearly eve by lovers to celebrate love and expressing it wholeheartedly. Second month of the year namely February is also known as Month of Love and Valentine day falls on 14 Feb every year. Thus, each couple desperately map to celebrate the day with great ecstasy and loving memories too.

History of Happy Valentine Day 

Do you know why valentine day is mostly called a happy valentine day? If yes then you can share your information and is no then let me answer it. After the Second World War the world was in chaos and depressions then St. Valentine took an oath to make people happy by sharing cheering things and thoughts. 

St. Valentine was martyred on 14 Feb and from that date his departure from the world is celebrated as Happy Valentine Day to the entire world. Therefore, people and couples loving each other can express their love towards each other. 

What is Valentine Day in Contemporary?

Valentine Day is celebrated as a day for love. It is actually a day for the lover community when they get an official opportunity to express their love and feelings to their crush and partners. It gets more strengthened with valentine week.

Loveliest Valentine Week 

Though valentine falls on 14 Feb but every year is preceded by a valentine week. It is stated to start from 7 of February to 14 Feb and also called as love week or romance week. 

Valentine week encompasses 7 different days dedicated to love for your beloved partner.

  • First Day 7 Feb – Rose Day
  • Second Day 8 Feb – Propose Day
  • Third Day 9 Feb – Chocolate Day 
  • Fourth Day 10 Feb – Teddy Day
  • Fifth Day 11 Feb – Promise Day
  • Sixth Day 12 Feb – Hug Day
  • Seven Day 13 Feb – Kiss Day 

And finally comes the awaited date of 14 Feb, the Valentine Day. On this day couples get legal licence to express love to their partners and crush.

7 Days Valentine Aura

There is a trend of prior 7 days of valentine celebration that thus, this completes the real joy of valentine day.

Day 1 – February 7 : Rose Day 

Rose Day

Rose day is the first day and very beginning of valentine day celebration. On this day lovers greet each other with rose flowers of their own choice and feeling they have for their partner. Basically, red roses are widely preferred by couples to express their feelings.

Day 2 – February 8 : Propose Day 

Propose Day

Second day also, called as Propose day among 7 days Valentine celebration is meant for all those lovers who propose to their lovers and crush. People are licensed to propose their lovers or crush with a rose or ring and other partners can accept or deny as per their liking.

Day 3 – February 9 : Chocolate Day 

Chocolate Day

Chocolate is a touching symbol of love so how can chocolate not find a special place in valentine week. So, you can send and directly give chocolate to your beloved. This will help you to easily capture the heart of your lover and spread the light breeze of love everywhere. 

Day 4 – February 10 : Teddy Day

Teddy Day

Valentine day is incomplete with teddy day as it is the cutest soft toys liked by every girl. Thus, give her a beautiful teddy on this teddy day and express your love to her.

Day 5 – February 11 : Promise Day

Promise Day

Love is incomplete with strong promise and thus, our valentine week too so here comes promise day. On this day you can make a realistic promise with a lovely gift and convey your pure love to your partner.

Day 6 – February 12 : Hug Day

Hug Day

Give a pure love, times of remembrance and heart feeling hug to your lover and make the day special for each other. Thus, do this on the coming valentine day celebration as it will be a strong proceeding in your relationship.

Day 7 – February 13 : Kiss Day 

Kiss Day

It is a golden day in valentine week where couples can complete their relationship by kissing each other. Remember to kiss the forehead of your beloved sense of care and responsibilities which are widely appreciated by girl partners.

Day 8 – February 14 : Valentine’s Day

Importance of Valentine’s Day Flowers 

Valentine celebration is incomplete without including Valentine’s Day flowers especially different types of roses. So, let us collect some information about them

Red Rose – It is used to express Love.

Pink Rose – It is used to express Appreciations. 

Yellow Rose – It is used to express Friendship.

White Rose – It is used to express Everlasting Love.

Hence, celebrate this Valentine day with more of true love and caring for your lover till your last breath.