Varkala Beach Best Time to Visit and Enjoy Relaxing Beach Holiday

Varkala Beach best time to visit is the winter season. The months of October, November, December, January, and March. The temperature remains comfortable and is apt for visiting the places of interest in Varkala. So, travelers from entire world visit to have a relaxing beach holiday in Kerala in these months. 

Located in the south Kerala at north end border of the district Trivandrum, the Varkala beach is 51 kms away from Thiruvananthapuram and is a very beautiful, secluded one. It is counted as one of the top ten seasonal beaches in the world by discovery channel. 

Tourists are avail with many beautiful memories weather you are on family holiday, with group of friends or have just started your married life and are on honeymoon with your beloved, the Varkala Beach has lots to cater all types of wanderers.  Therefore, traveler freak never miss to visit the beach and explore it as much as they can while having memorable beach holidays in its top seasons.

Varkala Beach will let the voyagers to enjoy stunning beauty of landscapes, brown sand, blue sea with wide extend and lip smacking local food cuisine for its tourist. The beach is widely observed to be a perfect spot to relax with a laidback atmosphere. Therefore, Varkala beach is often first choice of the tourists to explored in Kerala.

Best Time to Visit Varkala Beach by Seasons

Varkala Beach sounds exquisite when it is visited in its peak seasons as the climate addressed to be fabulous. Tourists can find different charms in varied seasons that is passed in the beach. Therefore, often they search for the favorable season and match them with their holiday time before planning to visit the Varkala beach.

So, let’s take a look to the best time to visit Varkala by seasons and enjoy being in the beach to its maximum while collecting arresting memories indeed.

Winter Season in Varkala

Winters is regarded as one of the peak time to visit Varkala Beach. It approaches Varkala in December and lasts till the month of February. The climate is pleasantly cool and the temperature ranges from 12°C to 31°C.  So, winters are the apt season for the tourist folk who desires for sightseeing in Varkala.

Monsoon Season in Varkala

Another best time to visit Varkala Beach is the monsoon seasons. The month of June marks the beginning of monsoon season in Varkala and it lasts till the month of September. The monsoon drizzles and rains bring newness and rejuvenating greenery to the place. Thus, visitors widely love to plan to visit the beach in the moon seasons.

Summer Season in Varkala

Summers doesn’t sound to be the appropriate time to come to this beach as these months are the extremely hot and humid. The temperature ranges from 22°C to 40°C in the months of March to May. Hence, travel freak generally avoid to visit to Varkala during these hot months.

Special Sorts of Best Time to Visit Varkala Beach

  • The beach area of Varkala will let the visitors to see the setting of the beach which sounds to be very stunning. Also, the beach amuses the travelers with an eye-catchy breathtaking popular Indian beach giving the view of endless Arabian Sea. 
  • The Varkala Beach will capture mind and soul of the visitors with its beautiful coconut palms that is exceptional to watch. Apart from this serene beauty, hotels and old-fashioned shops are aligned along the surface of footpath stretching along the length of beach’s stretch is marvelous to feel around. 
  • Varkala Beach best time to visit will cater the voyagers to content their beach holidays with the magnificent sight of sun dissolving in the Sea. It is one of the exceptional and heart feeling experience at Varakal Beach in state of Kerala that will surely plot this holiday as most memorable one. 
  • Moreover, the never-ending magnetic attraction of the Varkala beach is not only because of its perfect scenic brilliance but added by the mineral water. The water that is full of minerals flows down the hill which is believed to have medicinal properties and is appreciated the most.
  • Varkala Beach amuses pilgrim tourists with its popular 800-year-old Janardhan Temple. This temple is dedicated to Hanuman and Ayyappan (Hinduism lords), where even non-Hindu visitors are permitted in to discover its majestic sanctity.
  • When you choose best time to visit in Varakal Beach you can have sacred bath as this beach is also, called Papanasam beach. It means destroying sins done by the human being. Thus, this beach is widely believed that taking bath here wash away all sins and recollect one’s pure soul and mind indeed.

Varkala Beach Best Time to Visit and Accommodations

As Varkala Beach is observed to welcome lot of different types of travelers to have comfortable stay in this beach area. The administration caters various deluxe and medium to budget accommodation options for the visitors coming to refresh themselves. This coastal town in Kerala get more exciting with comfortable and updated accommodation services and that is just the best!!

Varkala Beach best time to visit will mesmerizes the tourist with its natural setting and quaint charm of an ideal hamlet. All the best accommodation facilities tend to cater you with all modern facilities. With best internet facilities, modern equipment, and tasty fresh cuisine there are 

Some of the best and popular accommodations in the Varkala beach includes the following names.

Below is the popular deluxe accommodation includes.

  • The Gateway Hotel (Janardhanapuram)
  • Hindustan Beach Resort (Papanasam Beach)
  • Krishnatheeram Ayur Holy Beach Resort (Thiruvambadi Beach)
  • Deshadan Beach Resort (Kurakkanni Cliff) 
  • The Sanctum Spring Beach Resort (Helipad, Varkala) 

Some of the medium to budget accommodations includes

  • Clafouti Ayurvedic Beach Resort (Near Varkala North Cliff)
  • Hill Top Ayurvedic Beach Resort (Papanasam Cliff) 
  • Haiwa Beach Residency (Varkala Beach)
  • The First Place (Odayam Beach) 
  • Eden Garden (Papanasam Beach) etc.

Varkala Beach Best Time to Visit

Varkala Beach offers the voyagers with many local festivals and events. Blue waters, never- ending waves and pleasant sea breeze form a perfect amalgamation of nature’s wonders with peace, comfort and rejuvenation and above the festive time, waooo what a remarkable pleasure to discover!!! 

Visitors plans best time to visit Varkala and feel the essence of these festivals while being on the beach. They enjoy these local festivals while having extraordinary experiences to eat, dance and activates in other activities done during the festive celebration. So, there are lots of visitors that is welcomed by the Varkala Beach to celebrate being in the beach and be among local of the inhabitants. 

Thus, let’s have a look to all such fiestas and merry time that attracts the tourist folks who visit the beach on these festive time.

Events / Festivals in Varkala

Events in Varkala Beach are observed and celebrated with great enthusiasm, extremely colorful and promote unity with feeling of brotherhood. Some of the major festivals include:

  • Ekadasi Festival: One of the best time to visit in Varkala Beach is on very important festivals of the town, Ekadasi Festival. This is celebrated on the eleventh day of every lunar fortnight. The Vrishchika Ekadasi has a special prominence with the people of the town. A highlight of this festival is the commemorative plaque for Gajarajan Kesavan.
  • Utsavam or Annual Festival: Visiting the Varkala Beach will let you meet with lots of joyful occasions. One of them is the Utsavam or Annual festival that is celebrated on the day of Pushya which falls in the month of February-March. It is meant for the purification and revitalizing of the powers of the deity that is followed by local civilians with bundles of ecstasy.
  • Saraswathy Pooja: If you are looking for best time to visit Varkala Beach, plan your visit on the eve of Saraswathy Pooja. This festival is held in the last three days of the Navaratri festival as the last three days are especially meant for Goddess Saraswathy the goddess of learning. The preparations of world famous folk dances like Krishnanattam, Kathakali, and Kalaripayattu etc. usually begin on this day. Hence, this holy eve is brightly celebrated with great passion and bliss.
  • Thrikarthika: Another popular festival and the best time to visit Varkala beach to enjoy the beautiful place on Earth is Thrikarthika. It is very important festivals in state of Kerala which is celebrated to mark the birth of Lord Subramanya. Thrikarthika is a holy festival of lights and is celebrated in the month of November or December. So, a wide number of tourists plan to visit the beach at this best time to enjoy this lovely fest to its maximum.
  • Easter: As you know the state of Kerala has good percentage of the Christian populations thus, all the related festivals are widely subjected to add the joy to the state of Kerala. Among many, Easter is one of the very famous festivals of the beach. Easter is a very renowned festival of Christians which marks the rebirth of Lord Jesus Christ and has strong importance for all the Christian community. It is celebrated in the month of March or April with fervor and spirit of dedication.

Varkala Beach Best Time to Visit Nearby Places 

Visit Varkala Beach and never miss to explore the nearby places is again a very thrilling experiences for the voyagers. The stretch of the golden Varkala Beach takes you miles away from crowded cities to deep inside the heart of ocean. There are some very beautiful places that lures the visitors while they discover them and add to make Varkala Beach in Kerala to sound exceptional one. 

The Varkala tends to be just exceptional and delightful experience. With such wonders served by the beach, the Varkala Beach sounds best for becoming an internationally renowned tourist destination. Thus, the beach became famous amongst a wide range of domestic as well as international travelers.

Here are some of the nearby places that makes Varkala Beach best time to visit and enjoy their beach holidays.

  • Anjengo Fort Kerala
  • Sivagiri Mutt Kerala
  • Janardhana Swamy Temple Kerala
  • Kappil Lake Kerala
  • Ponnumthuruthu Island Kerala
  • Kaduvayil Jama Masjid Kerala

Best Time to Visit Varkala Beach and Luring Activities

  • Varkala Beach hosts popular beach activities like swimming and sunbathing. This beach offers a striking sunset views. It can simply take your breath away with its long winding stretch of cliff that expands over the Arabian Sea. 
  • The travelers who are found of renovating their soul and mind then Varkala Beach serves you to enjoy. This beach is very famous for spa, mineral springs and ayurvedic centers, offering the true essence being in the Varkala Beach and enjoy all the refreshing services catered for its visitors. 
  • Enjoy Varkala Beach and its natural beauty which is further added with the cliff clad beaches. It is very pretty vibrant environs and gives a joyous feel that attract beach lovers also, honeymooners in large number visit to spend holidays at this place. The edge of the cliff offers fascinating views of sand and sea to the sightseers coming to the beach.
  • While you choose best time to visit Varkala it will help you to rejoice by maintaining wellness too. Being a very wonderful destination to chill out and revitalize your senses there are several Ayurvedic center in resorts that are famous for best Ayurvedic massage. Special ayurvedic treatment for varied causes is confirmed by specialists serving here.

Thus, come once and enjoy being in the Varkala Beach while collecting lots of cherishing memories. Varkala beach is an ideal holiday destination in Kerala for the tourists who want a peaceful vacation. Holidaying in Varkala gives a pleasant experience as there are many attractions that flock large numbers of tourist from all over the world. Summing up about Varkala Beach will lead you to discover that it’s a totally different experience to explore beach holidays with everlasting memories.