Visit Best Kerala Holiday Places in 2021

Visit best Kerala holiday places that have made the state to be recalled among top ten paradises of the world by National Geographic Traveller. The Indians state of Kerala is just one in its own on this Mother Earth is especially, visited to locate its ecotourism initiatives and beautiful backwaters. Thus, every year this coastal state welcomes large number tourists mainly the nature lovers from whole over world.

Kerala Holiday Places

Kerala holiday places have an endless list that always lures the interest of any traveller. 

  • Surrounded with the palm-lined beaches, backwaters, houseboat, a network of canals and flora and fauna of the state have named the state as God’s own country. 
  • Kerala visiting places includes a rich heritage and thriving culture that can be explored by visiting the various forts, palaces, museums, monuments and pilgrim centres. 
  • Moreover, hills, mountains whose slopes supports spice plantations, tea and coffee estates, picnic spot, and other places of interest both natural and manmade brilliance await you at every turn. 

Best Kerala Holiday Places to Explore

Back Water Houseboat

Let the lazy backwaters set pace to your day and village folksongs croon to your heart. Kerala wins the heart of its tourist’s folk with the houseboats. Plan Kerala trip to find their serenity, tranquillity and peace time while sailing on these boats. 

Thus, with this you can feel refreshing Kerala holiday places while satisfying your travelling passion with more cherishing memories. 

World Famous Wildlife

Let the clarion call of the jungles awaken the wilderness in you. There are various worlds famous tour places in Kerala include wildlife parks that are widely visited to witness some rarely spices animals, elephants, langur monkeys and tigers. Also, you can more closely explore these wildlife parks by enjoying jungle safari. Some of the major wildlife sanctuaries include Eravikulam, Periyar, plus Wayanad and other sanctuaries.

Trek to Vazhvanthol

Plan Kerala trip to enjoy for 5 km one day trekking program to Vazhvanthol is an amazing experience. You can see two waterfalls while trekking through the forest area and enjoy the real beauty – the Vazhvanthol Falls. On the way back, the trekkers can enjoy a cool dip in the waters of the river. 


You can experience three types of fishing practise and life of fisherman while being exploring Kerala holiday places. Get a chance to experience the Net Fishing, Bow and Arrow and Chinese Net Fishing and explore fishing methods practiced in Kerala. 

Ayurveda Panchkarma

Tour places in Kerala is incomplete without exploring Panchakarma. It actually, a rejuvenation therapy in Ayurveda with herbal and organic medicines. The Pancha means five and Karma means action is a combination of five tried-and-tested treatment techniques to prevent disease. This will revitalize you by restoring physical and mental equilibrium while eliminating risks of side effects, common to many modern-day drugs.  


Best holiday in Kerala places include hiking expedition programmed offered by Periyar Tiger Reserve to the jungles of Periyar. You can experience symphony of nature with whispered tales of long forgotten travelers by.

Coracle Boating

You can experience nature at its best with Coracle boating on 5-km stretch broadened by the Kallar River, Adavi. Plan Kerala trip during monsoon season and have short or long ride to feel the fresh air in the scenery of pristine greenery, and soak in the clear waters of the Kallar River. 

Village Life Experience

Best holiday places in Kerala is to discover village experience that leaves imprints on your soul. A symphony composed on the strings of beauty and a land endowed with a myriad of boons and bounties, the rural life in Kerala. It is totally difference experience to gain while spending sometime as local villager of the state. Believe me this will surely offers a real taste of travelling delight to travellers.

Kerala Cuisine

Take your taste buds on rides through flavours of delicious cruise of Kerala. Spices have always played an integral part of Kerala’s history. The cuisine here caters to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Foodie can enjoy special taste of Kerala in all the famous international restaurant chains or local eateries while exploring Kerala visiting places.  

Popular Festive

Onam is the pride and joy of Kerala and is epitomised by the ferocious beats of the chenda (drums) emanating across the landscape. Plan Kerala trip to see elephants march across towns and the rivers surge with massive 100 feet long snake boats in a display that can only be experienced in an area renowned as God’s Own Country. 

Best Kerala holiday places caters the voyagers to discover its unique culture, traditions, coupled with its varied demography, and not to miss its delicious  food crusine have made Kerala just exceptional tourist destination in India.