Is Your Favorite Brand of Raw Honey Being Adulteration Free?

It is a burning head that has been always countered to various consumers using any brand of honey. Unfortunately, none of we users know the statistic and have always trusted our raw honey brand to be the only best. 

But now it is high time to enclosure the fact related to the adulteration done to our favorite sweet food. Let me first tell you in detail that in the name of pure natural honey most of the companies bottles an adulterated form of honey. 

Raw Honey Suppliers

Actually, it is cruel but the fact that honey is the most adulterated food in not only India but all over the world. In spite of the several parameters laid down by the government and food authorities honey suppliers contaminate the pure honey. 

The common adulterants like sugar syrups and corn syrups are well mixed to pure natural honey. It is found that these syrups mix so well in the naturally harvested honey that even testing parameters fails to denote the blending.

More interestingly, these mixing are subjected to be done by all branded companies to add on the quantity of it while deeply compromising the quality of honey. So, it is the consumer’s fine duty to classify the pure raw honey from various brands that have mushroomed in the market.

These syrups are so finely blended to original raw honey that we never guess to know that our healthy honey is not such. But worry not there are few very trusted homely methods to test the purity of your honey. 

  1. Hot Water Test -Take hot water in a glass and add a few drops of honey to it. If the honey melts in the water, then it is adulterated. On the other hand, if it does not melt and settles down in the glass then you are lucky to have pure natural honey in your kitchen.
  1. Vinegar Test – For this you have to take vinegar water and add honey to it. If the mixture starts to foam, then you can mark your honey to be adulterated. While if no lather forms to it then you win to have raw honey added to your healthier diet.
  1. The Heat Test – Honey has property that it remains unburned. So, what you need to do is dip a matchstick in your bottled honey and light it. If it burns, then you are trusting wrong honey suppliers but if you find unburn then continue using the same brand honey.

We hope that our above information will help you to stay away from the contaminated honey and find healthy living to your family. So, next time when you go for buying pure honey to your grocery shop check for only yourself-tested brands.

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